Top 11 Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Shop small with The Java House this holiday season! Finding a gift for the coffee snob in your life doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Our expert coffee roasters spend hours researching and sourcing coffees from countries who produce the highest quality beans in the world. All coffee beans are then roasted at our small facility in North Liberty, Iowa. Treat the Java lover in your life with exceptional, small batch coffee and throw in some top-of-the-line brewing gear,  as well- they will always appreciate those who level up their coffee drinking experience with superb equipment. This featured brewing equipment has been chosen by our coffee roasters, and our kits are designed to highlight and elevate the naturally occurring flavors of our beans. Whether they are a coffee drinking novice or a skilled brewing guru, we have a hand-selected kit just for them.

1. Signature 4-pack Coffee Sampler

There’s no better gift for the coffee devotee than a 4-pack sampler featuring our best-selling Signature Blends!  For ease and convenience, each 2oz bag is medium ground and ready for brewing as a pour over or drip coffee.  Choose from our Signature Collection or Novelty Collection.

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2. Beginner Grinder Pour Over Kit

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of lovingly crafted Java House coffee, must be in want of freshly ground coffee for their morning brew.  And coffee always tastes better when it’s ground right before brewing.  So grab a blade grinder from Bodum, a V60 Hario Size 02 Dripper with filters, and your favorite Java House blend!  Choose from one 8oz bag of our Signature Blends, or a 4-pack Sampler Set of 2oz pre-ground beans.

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3. Cold Brew Starter Kit

Cold brew has become quite the trend over the last few years, and we all know that person who prefers cold brew no matter the weather.  We’ve assembled this brew kit specifically for that person!  It’s easy to make cold brew from home, especially with Hario’s Mizudashi Cold brew Maker and our expertly roasted Artisan Cold Blend.  Toss in a reusable Java House Tumbler while you’re at it!  We recommend using coarsely ground coffee when making cold brew: because of the longer extraction process, the coarser the grind, the better your coffee will taste.

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4. Holiday 3-pack Coffee Sampler

This holiday season, we’re offering a 3-pack of 8oz bags of our best-selling coffees!  Choose three roasts from our Signature Collection or Novelty Character Collection.

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5. Classy Pour Over Kit

There’s not much classier than pour over gear that highlights the impermeable material of cork.  Suitable for everyday use, simply boil water with Bodum’s 27oz Digital Gooseneck Kettle and pour over the coffee grounds in Bodum’s Cork Pour Over Decanter – and you can choose whichever size best suits how much coffee you drink, 17oz or 34oz.  The best part is, you don’t need to think about paper filters with this environmentally friendly brew kit.  As Bodum says: make taste, not waste!  Choose a 12oz bag of one of our Signature Blends to fully embrace the taste as you make less waste.

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6. True Hawkeye Gift Set

A gift for the true Hawkeye and Iowa City dweller!  This gift set include two of our specially crafted blends, the Wave All Day Blend and (our newest addition) the Old Capitol Blend, as well as our 16oz Roastery Mug.  Drink local Coffee!

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7. French Press Starter Kit

Waking up on the weekend can be a calm, slow process, and the perfect match is French-press-brewed coffee.  For those who embrace easy Sunday mornings, pick up the original French press from Bodum, one of our classic Java House diner mugs, and a 12oz bag of one of our Signature Blends.

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8. Connoisseur Pour Over Kit

For the connoisseur of the finest coffee and brewing methods!  We’ve assembled this kit specifically for those who prefer the highest quality coffee brewing equipment.  Bodum’s ceramic burr grinder features 12 grind settings, so you can go from French press to espresso (and everything in between) with perfect ease.  We’ve also included ceramic pour over gear from Hario, maker of the esteemed V60 cone – the cone shape allows the water to flow to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the ground coffee.  Keep your coffee nook organized with Hario’s ceramic filter holder!  It holds up to 100 filters, which stand upright, allowing easy access to grab a new filter for your morning brew, rather than fiddling with the plastic packaging every morning.  And the ceramic drip tray collects any remaining coffee from your V60 dripper – simply place the cone atop the tray to keep the counter pristine.  Choose two 12oz bags of your favorite Java House Signature Roasts.

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9. Pour Over Starter Kit

All the essentials!  We’ve compiled this kit for the person just getting into pour over coffee, featuring Hario’s V60 Size 02 Dripper and Server Set, one of our classic Java House Diner Mugs, and your choice of a 4-pack Sampler Set of 2oz pre-ground beans (Signature Set or Novelty Set).

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10. Hero Gift Set

A gift for the person who’s been working on the front lines these last few months, our Hero Gift Set!  This set includes a 12oz bag of our Hero Blend, Classic Java House 10oz Diner Mug, an ultra-soft Java House tee, and a little extra boost of our delightful dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

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11. Hario Ceramic Pour Over Collection

A pour over set featuring classy ceramic-ware from Hario!  This set comes with a ceramic V60 cone size 02, size 02 filters, a filter holder to keep your coffee nook organized and clean, a ceramic drip tray for easy cleanup, and one of our classic Java House 10oz diner mugs.  Additionally, choose a 4-pack sample set of 2oz pre-ground coffee bags: our Signature Collection or Novelty Collection. A perfect gift for someone just getting into the home-brew-pour-over life!

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None of these pique your interest? The Java House carries a variety of small batch roasted coffee, curated brew kits, and fun holiday gifts.

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