Pour Over Starter Kit


All the essentials!  We’ve compiled this kit for the person just getting into pour over coffee, featuring Hario’s V60 Size 02 Dripper and Server Set, one of our classic Java House Diner Mugs, and your choice of a 4-pack Sampler Set of 2oz pre-ground beans (Signature Set or Novelty Set).



  • Hario Pour Over Kit – choose Red or Black
  • Classic Java House 10oz Mug
  • Java House 4-pack Sampler – choose Signature Set or Novelty Set

Additional information

Hario Pour Over Kit

Black, Red


American Gothic Blend (dark roast), Giant of the Earth Blend (full city roast), St. Louis Blues Blend (light roast), Colombian (medium roast)


Whole Bean, Coarse Grind (French Press or Cold Brew, Medium Grind (Drip or Pour Over), Fine Grind (Espresso or Turkish)

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