Java House 4-pack Coffee Sampler


There’s no better gift for the coffee devotee than a 4-pack sampler featuring our best-selling Signature Blends, or fun & quirky characters!  For ease and convenience, each 2oz bag is medium ground and ready for brewing as a pour over or drip coffee.  Choose from our Signature Collection or Novelty Collection.



Signature Collection: American Gothic Blend (French roast), Giant of the Earth Blend (full city roast), St. Louis Blues Blend (light roast), and Mistletoe Blend (full city roast).

Novelty Collection: Bookstack Blend (light roast), This Coffee Makes Me Fart Sparkles Blend (French roast), Philoso-fur’s Blend (light roast), and I Like You a Waffle Lot Blend (full city roast).

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Signature, Novelty

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