Hario Ceramic Pour Over Collection


A pour over set featuring classy ceramic-ware from Hario!  This set comes with a ceramic V60 cone size 02, size 02 filters, a filter holder to keep your coffee nook organized and clean, a ceramic drip tray for easy cleanup, and one of our classic Java House 10oz diner mugs.  Additionally, choose a 12oz bag from our best-selling Signature Blends – American Gothic, Giant of the Earth, St. Louis Blues Blend.


  • Hario Ceramic Dripper Size 02
  • Hario Filters Size 02
  • Hario Ceramic Drip Tray
  • Hario Ceramic Filter Holder
  • Classic Java House 10oz Diner Mug
  • 12oz Java House Signature Blend:
    • Choose one of our best-selling roasts – American Gothic Blend (French roast), Giant of the Earth Blend (full city roast), St. Louis Blues Blend (light roast)

Additional information


St. Louis Blues, Giant of the Earth, American Gothic


Whole Bean, Medium Ground

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