This Month’s Single Origin Roast: Colombia Nariño las Frutas

Our newest micro-lot, single origin bean originates in the foothills of the Andes – from Nariño Department, Colombia. These unique beans have been prepared with an experimental Double Fermentation and Washing process which results in a subtly sweet and mildly acidic bean. Colombia Nariño las Frutas offers flavors of sweet berries, a creamy smooth body, with a clean crisp finish and makes for a refreshing mid-morning coffee.

As always, this exclusive coffee is locally roasted at our roasting facility in North Liberty, Iowa. It is available at most Java House brew bars or as whole bean coffee. Order it today! 

Colombia Nariño las Frutas

Roast Profile: Full City

Flavor Notes: Berries, Creamy Body, Clean

Bean Origin: Nariño Department, Colombia

Available in 12oz bags only

Colombia Nariño las Frutas



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