This Month’s Exclusive Single Origin Roasts

We have some new and exclusive single origin coffees starting this month! Freshly roasted at The Java House Roastery in North Liberty, Iowa. Enjoy the unique and complex flavor profiles of these beans – only for a limited time. Available for purchase as whole bean coffee online, or at select Java House locations.


Kenya Mahiga Peaberry

Roast Profile: Light

Flavor Notes: Limeade, Red Grape, Syrupy Body

Bean Origin: Mumwe, Nyeri Region, Kenya

Available in 12oz bags only

Kenya Mahiga




Timor – Leste

Roast Profile: City

Flavor Notes: Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Toasted Nut

Bean Origin: Timor-Leste, Indonesia

Timor – Leste






Roast Profile: Light

Flavor Notes: Yuzu, Brown Sugar, Buttery

Bean Origin: Burundi, East Africa


The Java House