Hario Decanter Pour Over Kit


For the pour over enthusiast who likes to share in the delight of freshly brewed coffee at home!  This V60 Hario Set is the perfect way to serve coffee for two.  It can accommodate 800mL of your favorite Java House beans – choose your preference from our Signature Collection of 8oz bags.

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  • Black 800mL Range Server
  • Hario Dripper Size 03
  • Hario Filters Size 03
  • 8oz Bag of Coffee – choose American Gothic Blend, Giant of the Earth Blend, Colombian Single Origin, St. Louis Blues Blend, Mistletoe Seasonal Blend

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American Gothic Blend (French Roast), Giant of the Earth Blend (Full City Roast), Colombian Single Origin (Light Roast), St. Louis Blues Blend (Light Roast), Mistletoe Seasonal Blend (City Roast)


Whole Bean, Coarse Grind (French Press & Cold Brew), Medium Grind (Drip & Pour Over), Fine Grind (Espresso & Turkish)