Expert Pour Over Kit


Everything you need for the perfect pour over!  This digital gooseneck kettle from Bonavita is ideal for brewing the best cup of coffee – its temperature-control feature allows you to bring out all the flavors and notes that went into our carefully crafted roasts.  Choose your preferred size of Hario’s cone dripper, and enjoy freshly ground beans for every cup with this blade grinder from Bodum.  We’ve also included our Roaster’s Choice Sampler pack of three 8oz bags: American Gothic, Giant of the Earth, and St. Louis Blues blends.



  • Bonavita Digital Kettle
  • Bodum Blade Grinder
  • Hario Dripper & Filters – choose Size 02 or Size 03
  • 3-pack 8oz Bags Sampler Set

Additional information

Hario Dripper & Filters

Size 02, Size 03

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