So You Want to Know About Perky Points?

Perky Points: What Are They?

Think of Perky Points as a virtual punch card – you can use it every time you visit a Java House café! For every $1 you spend at one of our cafés, you collect 2 Perky Points. Points are earned with every in-store purchase, including pre-orders via our app. You can earn points on purchases of your favorite handcrafted beverage or food, bulk coffee and tea, brewing gear, and Java House merchandise.

How Can I Sign Up?

Give us your phone number! The next time you visit one of our cafés, the barista taking your order will kindly ask for your phone number. Afterwards, you will receive points for any order you place with the Java House, whether it’s in the store or on our mobile app.

When Can I Spend Them?

After you have saved a minimum of 150 points you can spend them!

150 points = $5
275 points = $10

Points can be spent on anything sold in Java House cafés, excluding gift cards. Points can only be spent in intervals of $5. Points cannot be applied to online orders (for now!).


Spend Your Points on Whatever You Like!


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